“We have been utilizing Precious Little Blessing since the daycare opened for both my son and daughter, both from infancy until pre-K.  I cannot express into words how grateful we are to have had the opportunity to attend during this time. Recently my son graduated from their preschool program and it was hard to think the teachers won’t be a part of our/his regular routine anymore soon when he starts kindergarten. From the Director to each teacher aide, everyone is so delightful, thoughtful, and caring towards each and every child. So many wonderful memories, I keep the art projects sent home, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, so many wonderful reminders of their youth. We also love the weekly pictures, especially when they were younger and seemed to change almost daily! For busy parents who couldn’t always be there, PLB staff filled a void as caregivers that I will be forever grateful for. Both of our children were ready to start school, the pre-K curriculum was so helpful to make sure they were hitting targets needed to be ready for kindergarten. And from a religious perspective, we have enjoyed the incorporation of prayer, song, and scripture into the preschool curriculum. Because of this my children have built a foundation for a relationship with God that we pray will continue to blossom as they grow. We will forever look back with fond memory of our PLB family and our time here.”  ~  LS, parent of 2 PLB graduates – 2022

“Precious Little Blessings has been nothing less than exactly that, a blessing. All the staff are so kind, nurturing and attentive to the kiddos. It’s a heartwarming feeling getting emails with a bunch of pictures seeing your child smile so big, clearly having fun! My son has attended the center since he’s been a baby & I’ve been so impressed with everything.”  ~  LL, parent of a preschooler – 2022

“We have been at PLB for 3.5 years and couldn’t be happier! Our children love it and are always happy to go to Daycare and some days are mad if we show up too early to pick them up! We have been very pleased with the curriculum and structure our children are given throughout the day, and the many friends they have gained with the class sizes. We are proud to be a part of the PLB family and would highly recommend them for anyone looking for reliable and responsible care for their children :)”  ~  MD, parent of a preschooler and infant – 2022

“Our 2-year-old absolutely loves coming to daycare each day! It feels so good knowing that he is learning and keeping busy all day. He loves showing us his projects, and talking about his busy day. His teachers are amazing, and have been so great to our little guy. Our family would recommend Precious Little Blessings to anyone looking for awesome childcare!”  ~ MS, parent of a toddler – 2022

“Our son has been going to Precious Little Blessings since April of this year and what a blessing it has been! It’s truly like a second home for our son! As a first time mama I was so nervous about finding a daycare but we hit the jackpot with PLB! Our son has so much fun, along with learning tons of new things, and loving the Lord!  Thank you for all you do PLB!” the Lovinggoods, parents of an infant

“I love that my son gets to go to daycare here. They’re always doing fun activities and I know he gets plenty of attention and care.” Alison, parent of an infant

“The staff at PLB is great! The Kids are always doing activities and learning something new! Highly recommend!” Tom, parent of a toddler

“Precious Little Blessings has been the best thing for my 4 year old and my now 1 year old. My son looks forward to everyday. In the baby room we get photos everyday on what she did and it really put my mind at ease. I love every single girl at this center!!!”Chelsie, parent of a preschooler and infant

“We are so happy with our choice to have PLB care for our son while we are at work! Every morning Stryker starts his day by getting greeted at the front by Ms. Katie which puts a big smile on his face.  In the infant room he has never cried once when being left for the day.  Ms. Norma, Ms. Bernice, and Ms. Evita along with the other staff are always polite, friendly and welcoming.  Stryker has made great gains for a 9 month old he is already saying Mama and Dada and he is just about ready to walk. This is far more accelerated then our older children who attended home day care. He has a great love of books and playing with other children.  They have worked well with his diet and adjustments as he is eating all solids and refuses baby food.  At the end of the day he is always happy and loves to say good bye to everyone.  They always communicate how is day has been and keep us well informed.  We are very happy and feel confidante with our choice in PLB for the daily care of our little boy!” – Parent of an infant

“We love Precious Little Blessings! Our daughter has been there since September 2016. We’ve had such a great experience and feel blessed to have our daughter here. She has been in the infant and toddler classroom and soon will be in the preschool classroom. We love that she is able to be in a Christian learning environment and we enjoy seeing her apply everything she is learning at home. We appreciate all the hard work that the entire staff at PLB puts into our child’s care and learning on a daily basis!” Jennifer, parent of a toddler

“From day one, my daughter has blossomed being at PLB. It’s a family environment that takes care of their own and in this day, that’s something to cherish. You can see it in the way the teachers and children bond with each other, and not just within their own classrooms, but also throughout the building. My daughter loves going to school and learning because she has teachers that care and take the time to show it. My favorite thing though, is seeing how much fun the kids have throughout the day thanks to the pictures the teachers send in their weekly emails. Love, love LOVE PLB!”Britny parent of a preschooler

“Enrolling our kids in Precious Little Blessings has been the best decision we have made for our family. Our kids wake up in the morning excited and eager to see the staff and other kids every day. I love hearing about the activities they did each day and receiving their creative artwork. This center provides both a learning and loving environment and focuses on faith and family. It can be difficult for a mom and dad to leave their little ones with someone else during the day, but the staff at precious little blessings makes that experience less stressful by providing photos throughout the day, a great curriculum and comfort to your child. This place is truly amazing!” – Candace, parent of an infant and toddler

“Our family struggled to find a daycare opening for our infant, and so we were thrilled when Precious Little Blessings opened. We have been so happy with our experience. The staff is warm and welcoming, and takes wonderful care of our baby. She is learning new skills, and is full of smiles. PLBD has been great for the community!” – Alissa, parent of an infant

“Very thankful for Precious Little Blessings. As a 1st time mom with a 10-month old son they have made our transition into daycare smooth as can be. The staff is always very friendly and willing to help and they keep the kids busy! Kudos to all the staff at Precious Little Blessings for a job well done” – Amy, parent of an infant

“Precious Little Blessings has really helped with getting my 2 month old on a schedule! They’re always keeping him busy, and giving him plenty of attention! As a first time mom, I was really uncomfortable sending him to daycare. But PLB has really helped me along the way.” – Ashley, parent of an infant

“Precious Little Blessings is a wonderful childcare facility. Our 3 and 5 year old children have loved attending each day! They make learning new things fun and exciting with hands on experiences. The staff are very friendly and informative. We have been 100% satisfied with our experience at Precious Little Blessings and would recommend to other families looking for a safe and loving childcare environment. “ – Sara, parent of 2 preschoolers

“Precious little blessings has been wonderful with our little girl! The classroom teachers and all staff are amazing and very caring for the children and their needs. Our daughter is talking about her days there for long after she gets back home. We couldn’t be more happy than we are with having her there! Thank you to all the classroom teachers and staff!” – Rob, parent of a toddler

“Precious Little Blessings has been awesome! My son comes home every day with stories! I am so happy we made the decision to enroll! The staff is extremely friendly! If you are looking for top notch child care in the Glencoe area this is defiantly a GREAT place for your children to learn and grow!” –Carissa, parent of a toddler